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Mission Im-pussible

Mission Im-pussible

Candice Dare and Bella Rolland are stranded on the roadside. Bella can’t get a signal on her cellphone but Candice seems convinced that she can flag down the next driver that happens by. Bella scoffs, insisting that NO ONE stops nowadays to pick up hitchhikers, so what does Candice have planned that will make THEM the exception? The two spies Zoe Sparx and Keira Croft are preparing for their mission which is to seduce a target at an important charity event. The spies finally notice a headshot of their target and realize that it’s a woman. They decide to practice seduction techniques on each other to make themselves more comfortable with seducing women. Evelyn Claire is doing the laundry when she realizes that her girlfriend Alina Lopez’s dress has been damaged by the machine. Due to a history with her ex, she is afraid of Alina’s reaction. When Alina sees what happened, she can’t help but empathize with Evelyn and explains that no one else is going to hurt her again.

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